Too Cool Spanish

Elbow Knee YACHT Toe.

Say that phrase with emphasis on the YACHT & you’ve just learned Spanish in a new way. El boniato means “sweet potato” in Spanish.

Too Cool Spanish has reinvented how we learn a new language. You’ll never, ever say you can’t learn Spanish again!

Caution. This product may produce hilarious, American accents. Enjoy your new Spanish. Don’t worry if your English and Spanish aren’t perfect.

Educational and funny! That’s what people are saying about TOO COOL SPANISH. It’s simple, too. You just say what you see. The only direction is “Emphasize the red word or object.” Easy.

The app teaches you to say common words or expressions in Spanish. Below are the categories & 50 phrases you’ll learn in TOO COOL SPANISH. The next update will contain an index of phrases.

How does it work? It’s easy. I take common, useful Spanish phrases and replace the sounds with familiar English words and pictures. Just string those English sounds together (emphasizing the red word, of course), and voila! You’re speaking Spanish! How easy is that? Best of all, you can combine phrases, make questions or negatives, so you’ll learn much more than 50 phrases.

TOO COOL SPANISH teaches you functional, everyday phrases, not perfect textbook linguistics. It teaches you to pronounce Spanish in a way that native speakers will understand. Compare this program to other language programs out there. They’re boring, repetitive, and hard to follow. This app simply expands on what you already know – English!

And don’t worry if you don’t pronounce something perfectly. Your English isn’t perfect so don’t worry if your Spanish isn’t either. This app is all about learning something and having fun. Multi-tap the sound byte icon to really enjoy TOO COOL SPANISH!

Watch out for TOO COOL FRENCH, ITALIAN, JAPANESE and even TOO COOL CHINESE in the near future.

What’s new? | Not much, yourself? | Very well and you? | My pleasure too | How’s it going? | My friends | What do you say? | Welcome | That’s great | Too much | Very beautiful | Very pretty | Very happy | Very hot | Comfortable | Nice

I’d like… | Do you have?… | Some water | Some drinks | Bacon | Do you have chicken? | Do you have duck? | Do you have octopus? | Sweet potato | Do you have shrimp? | Do you have tuna? | Do you have asparagus? | Do you have peppers? | Do you have spinach? | With cheese | With lemon | Delicious | I’m enjoying it | Thirsty

Who? | What? | Where? | Is it? | Are there? | How? | How do you say? | What’s your name? | Here | Not here | I know well | My name is… | I don’t know how | I have it | I don’t have it

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