Tap into your own iTunes library with MatchTunes! It’s a matching game like no other…where you match music clips from the songs right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Everyone has a different iTunes library…so everyone plays a different game! ** NOW SEE FREE LITE VERSION **

Choose 4 different ways to play. Match on:
✓ Music clip – same clip from the same song
✓ Song – different clips from the same song
✓ Album – clips from different songs on the same album
✓ Artist – clips from different songs by the same artist (maybe same album, maybe not!)

Score points for each match. Get bonus points for multiple matches in a row!
Finish the screen before the timer runs out and get the remaining time as bonus points.

Change Settings to mix up the fun:
✓ Choose a specific genre or choose ALL to draw from your entire iTunes library.
✓ Select the play length of the clip behind each tile; 1-60 seconds or the entire song!

2-Player game lets you challenge your friends – who knows your iTunes better than you?
Then your friends turn it around and challenge you on their iTunes.

Submit your best scores via OpenFeint to prove to the world you know your music!

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