Wakeupnow, inc., a company dedicated to debt elimination, offers this mobile application as a free add-on to their web-based budgeting, expense-tracking and debt elimination program accessible to enrolled members. Enrollment details can be found at

With Currentsee mobile, you can now enter budgeted expense items at point-of-purchase (POP) in less than five seconds and have the data immediately backed-up/transferred to your password-protected Currentsee web account. Within seconds you will receive a real-time response back to your Phone app showing the monthly budgeted amount, total amount spent and remaining budget. You can also create customized expense categories ‘on-the-fly” which will be transferred to your Currentsee web account.

What are some of the features and advantages of Currentsee?

Real-time Data Backup:

Since your expense entries are immediately sent to your web account, your data is automatically being ‘backed-up’ so if you lose your Phone you don’t lose all your data. Simply replace your phone, download and launch the app, enter your username and password and all your entries are transferred and displayed as if nothing had happened.

Real-time Synchronization of Expenses with Spouse/Partner:

Because each iPhone is posting POP transactions to the same web-based account, then each user gets consolidated, real-time updates. For example, if I go out to eat with my friends, record the transaction and my husband goes out to eat at another location then he will immediately see the adjusted expense numbers and can stay within budget when ordering?

IPod Touch users will not experience real-time expense updates to their web-based account until their device has established Internet connectivity.

Security of Sensitive Information:

Unlike some of our competitors we do not ask for any of your bank or investment account usernames/passwords. By design, there is no account aggregation or importing of your checking account entries so you can feel confident that you can use the app without potentially compromising security to your financial accounts.

Minimal Disk Space Requirements:

Because we are archiving all your monthly expenses on a web server, there is no need to worry about the application taking up significant amounts of your Phone memory. This design also keeps the app running as fast as the day you started.


Currentsee is a complete solution that, in addition to expense/budget tracking, offers a month-by-month debt elimination plan using the ‘payment snowball’ method available in the web version. This valuable report will help you get out of debt, including your mortgage, at an accelerated pace.

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