Fight Lights

April is Autism Awareness Month. A portion of the proceeds goes to Autism Speaks. Download Fight Lights and select color #10 to help fight autism.
Fan towels and foam fingers are so 2009! Go high tech in 2010. Support your favorite teams with Fight Lights. Fight Lights is great for every sport and every sports fan. Grab your iPhone and let your support light up the stands. Flash your team’s colors with cool effects.

It’s simple and fun to use. Create a list with as many teams as you want.
1. Enter a team name
2. Select 1, 2 or 3 uniform colors from a color picker provided
3. Choose flash, swirl or a wave of alternating color
4. Choose the speed of the light effects
5. Optional timer allows you to sync with another iPhone user and start your lights flashing at a specific time

When you first enter a team, a sample team will pop up. You can edit, delete or keep the sample team. To start your team list simply tap “+”. Once you enter your team name a list of common sports colors will appear. Tap each color square before choosing a color. You can choose 1-3 colors. Colors can be lightened or darkened to customize your team’s colors. You can edit colors at any time by tapping that square. Each color has a corresponding number so you can coordinate with friends or for easy reference.

Once you tap “Save”, Fight Lights takes you to “My Teams”. The defaults are to have your colors flash, at medium speed with no timer. You can change any of these options when you tap the team name or you can tap “play” and start your light effects. Tap the screen at any time to go back to “My Teams”.

Fight for your team with Fight Lights!

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