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-Previously available only for the iPhone, Android and Symbian smart phone users can now download the app for $1.99 –

AMERICAN FORK, UTAH, August 10, 2010 – Mobile application developer, Izatt International, today announced that its mileage tracker mobile phone app, MileBug, is now available for Android 1.6 and higher and third and fifth edition Symbian/Nokia smart phones at the Google Apps Marketplace and Nokia Ovi Store for $1.99.

Previously available only on the iPhone, the highly popular MileBug, which has been
downloaded more than 120,000 times on the iPhone now allows Android and Nokia smart phone owners to easily keep track of tax-deductible miles driven for business, medical and charity purposes.

“MileBug’s success has illustrated that smart phone users have a real need and demand
for a good mileage tracker application,” said Jason Izatt, president and CEO of Izatt
International. “This need obviously goes beyond iPhone users so we are thrilled to offer the app to customers on the Android and Symbian smart phone platforms.”

MileBug features include:

  • Detailed Reporting – See totals by business and vehicle, Email HTML and Excel-friendly reports
  • Mileage Tracker – Saves mileage for multiple businesses and multiple vehicles, and keeps a running total of your deductions with each addition to your trip log
  • Customizable settings – Choose either kilometers or miles, define custom rates for business, charity, medical and other tax write-offs, and the ability to setup frequent destinations and purposes
  • User Friendly Interface – Presets allow for trip recording with a few simple finger taps.

“I use MileBug for my business almost every day,” said Cary Snowden, president of Utah-based Square Compass, Inc., a web application development company. “My job requires a great deal of travel and my accountant is amazed when I give him such detailed reports. Using MileBug has literally saved me hundreds of dollars on my tax returns.”

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