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Hopus, the curious and magical white rabbit, is tired of being confined inside the magician’s hat, and longs to explore the outside world. One day, he gets his chance and is surprised to discover that life outside the hat, the only world he has ever known, is unfamiliar and exciting. Hopus quickly learns that he can use his senses to investigate and understand his new surroundings. Together with Hopus, young readers will explore and learn through color, sounds, flavors, scents, and touch, showing the way in which the world can be enriched and understood through senses. Vibrant and captivating, Hopus is brimming with entertaining interactivity that engages young readers. Author Liliana Erasmus wrote this touching tale of Hopus for her son. While the story does not specifically address autism, it does focus on the importance of courage and the wonders of a life full of magic and surprise.

Learn about the world with Hopus, the curious white rabbit.

– Interact and explore the pages, rich with animations and mini-games.
– Personalize the story by recording your own voice or the voice of your child.
– Choose to listen to the story narrated by a professional adult narrator or a child narrator.
– Turn pages manually and move back and forth through the story at your own pace. – Turn off all sounds and narration for quiet reading experience.
Three ways to read this e-book:
– Read the story aloud with your child, enjoying the story at your own pace.
– Listen to the story professional narrated, turning the pages manually.
– Select Autoplay for a movie like experience. Pages are turned and read automatically. Perfect for pre-readers.

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