Every Day a Holiday

NO-RISK GUARANTEE: Try Every Day a Holiday. If you don’t love it, we’ll replace with with the app of your choice of equal or lesser value.

WHAT IS IT? Every Day a Holiday gives you a reason to celebrate every day of the year.
Looking for ways to grow closer as a family this fall? In 60 seconds you’ll be on your way to loads of fun!
Do you work in the hospitality industry, or as an educator? We’ve already done the research and provide great activities and support, saving you hours of research and planning.
Love Trivia? You’ll find unique, real events that you won’t find together anywhere else.

WHAT DO I GET? Every Day a Holiday is much more than just a holiday calendar. Discover:

Who stole the Mona Lisa from the Louvre Museum, and why?
What interesting things are happening on my birthday?
Where can I find a great recipe for Bird’s Nest Cookies or a book about Da Vinci’s Parachute?
Is there a movie to go along with Hot Air Balloon Day or music to play on Don Quixote Day?

Find all these, and hundreds more on the Every Day a Holiday App–you’ll never look at a day the same way again.

* FREE periodic updates
* Standard US Holidays included, plus thousands of unique holidays, every day!
* Up to four activities per holiday
* Hand-picked links to recipes, crafts, activities, movies, music and more
* Mark and save your favorites for quick reference
* Easy share and tell-a-friend capability
* Shake for a random activity selection

“I bought it and LOVE it! I made PB cookies today to celebrate DAY OF THE PEANUT! This app is right up my alley… I have been called festive to a fault and your app is feeding my addiction! Congrats!” – Gillian

*Internet or WiFi connection required for full functionality*

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