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Growing up for Bobo, the little baby elephant, means expanding his horizons as he travels the world searching for new adventures and discovering where he fits in. Join Bobo in this charming interactive story as he learns to blow bubbles with fishes, swat dust bugs, and save his beloved father from harm. Bobo faces many challenges, but manages to face each task with merriment and optimism, coming to an understanding that while growing up may be difficult, it is also fun and exciting. Bobo the Baby Elephant Grows Up is rich with entertaining interactivity that engages young readers and can be read and enjoyed over and over again.
Grow up with Bobo and help him save the day.

– Interact and explore the pages, rich with animations and mini-games.
– Personalize the story by recording your own voice or the voice of your child.
– Choose to listen to the story narrated by a professional adult narrator or a child narrator.
– Turn pages manually and move back and forth through the story at your own pace. – Turn off all sounds and narration for quiet reading experience.
Three ways to read this e-book:
– Read the story aloud with your child, enjoying the story at your own pace.
– Listen to the story professional narrated, turning the pages manually.
– Select Autoplay for a movie like experience. Pages are turned and read automatically.
Perfect for pre-readers.

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