MileBug 2.0

New features added to MileBug for version 2.0!

1) GPS Tracking Now you can track your trips mileage with a simple start and stop button!  MileBug 2.0 will determine your location and calculate the approximate mileage of your trip.

2)  Data Backup
MileBug 2.0 allows you to create a backup file, and save it to your computer through iTunes File Sharing.  Backup files can later be imported back into MileBug and restored through the app.

3)  Reports copies
Report files that are emailed will now also be available through iTunes File Sharing.  Both csv and html files can be copied from the device to a computer.

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2 Responses to MileBug 2.0

  1. Dean says:

    Is the GPS tracking the same on the pro as the lite?
    The lite seems to draw a straight line from start to end. That is not very beneficial.

  2. admin says:

    In version 2.0, the GPS on both versions is the same – as the crow flies. However, version 2.1, which is currently under review by Apple and should be available any day, the full version will have:
    1) Full path tracking
    2) Map display
    3) Path editing via draggable pins

    The lite version will continue to be “as the crow flies”.