MileBug 2.1

Mapped, full-path GPS tracking now on MileBug! Get it in the app store!

Start your trip with GPS tracking, and watch as pins are dropped every tenth of a mile.

The map allows you to adjust the points in your trip when you are finished tracking.  If the tracking is not quite accurate you can:
* add pins to your trip
* drag the pins around
* cut your trip off at any pin

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3 Responses to MileBug 2.1

  1. Patrick Grandey says:

    I love this app it makes my life so much easier, but I have an android phone and I can’t backup the data or save the app to the SD card. Can you all PLEASE resolve this.

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  3. Jeanine says:

    Is there a limit to the miles that can be tracked per trip? I love the app, but it stopped before my trip ended.