MileBug turns 3 today! Let’s have a 99c sale!


Three years ago today, MileBug came onto the iPhone scene, fresh from it’s developer’s computer. The App Store had only been open a little over 2 months, and there were only around 2500 apps available. Compare that with the hundreds of thousands of apps now! Well, over those 3 years, MileBug has grown with multiple releases, adding such great features as foreign currency support, favorite trips, report filters, and our latest most cool feature – GPS & MAP DISPLAY! Due to these great features, and great users like you, MileBug continues to be a part of the Top 20 Finance apps, where it first appeared in January 2009.

Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed MileBug over the years, and thank you for your great reviews. Please take 10 seconds and rate MileBug now – PLEASE RATE MILEBUG NOW. The more high ratings we get, the more sales we get, and that means the ability to keep adding great new features.

To celebrate this great milestone, MileBug is now on sale for only 99c for the next 3 days! That’s today, tomorrow, and the next day. August 25, 26, and 27th. Tell all your friends, family, co-workers, bosses, distant relatives, mailman, hairdress, realtor, dog walker, … oh you get the idea.

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